maybe you’re wondering who’s behind the blog that is keeping you updated on your friend or family member? and maybe you’re curious how they got this website? or MAYBE you don’t care at all and i’m being presumptuous.  either way – i’m here to fill you in, just as i am here to keep you aware of what the women of wanderlust are up to this year.

i’m desirees sister brandi. she’s the traveler with the bright red ariel hair. my husband, darin built this website a couple of years ago when we had plans to travel.  as you can see we didn’t get too far with that. i thought it would be awesome to use desiree’s 12 month backpacking voyage as an excuse to get this thing up and running. now if we’re being completely  honest, i was also using it as an excuse to guarantee that i would be hearing from her at the very least once a week. and so i offered up my services to her and her friends. “send me your photos! send me anything you want the world to see” this way i can keep track of you little women.. heh heh. am i sounding like an over protective big sister yet? cause i am. i am terrified that my sweet desiree is out in the world doing who knows what and meeting who knows WHO. but at the same time i am exhilarated for her to experience life outside of the united states. oh to be free. no job, no bills, no relationships, no nothing. just the earth under your feet and the air in your lungs.. and of course the backpack on your back. but that’s it !

we’ll be posting places we go as well (that is, if we get any opportunities). but mostly we’ll be following the “women of wanderlust” around the world for now. and hopefully meeting up with them at some point this year.

haventbeen everywhere

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  1. Melissa

    I know and love Jessi, Desi, & Lauren.. And Jessi is my boyfriend’s little sister so we love following this website and reading/seeing what they are up to!! Thanks for all your posts, Brandi! :)


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