the girls are eating up every moment in bali right nowbalilife.com

 but i want to jump back to australia for a quick minute. i just got updated on one of their adventures – sailing!

via desiree:: We left from Arlie beach and got in the tongarra sail boat. There were 23 total backpackers on the boat plus the skipper Mick and Henry who made all of our meals. We sailed out to whitsundays which is made up of 74 islands. We sailed for a few hours.. Just laying out in the sun on the boat. Then it started to get stormy! It was so bad we had to pull into a cove and anchor the boat. They have tents they put up so we can all sleep outside on top of the boat but it was sooo rocky and poured rain all night that no one really got any sleep. The next day we went to white haven beach. The sand was amazing! It was really stormy so we didn’t get to spend that much time there but it started to clear up when we made our way to what they call “the aquarium” We all got to go snorkeling and it felt like you were In an aquarium.. The fish are everywhere! And they surround you.. It was so awesome! Then we played hilarious team games. Lauren Mithra and I were all on a team with 3 other people. The teams all had names and outfits to go with it. Our team was 6 grandmas one cup and we had to wear grandma pajamas. Jessi was on a different team called golden showers and they wore shower caps and huge grannie panties. Jessi’s team won and we came in 2nd. We got to sleep under the stars that night and it was much more enjoyable without the storm. The next day we went snorkeling again and saw a bunch of cool coral and then ended the trip sailing back to Arlie beach.whits whits2 whits3 whits4 whits5

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