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What up fools,

Sunday may be the best day of the week. My day started off strong with about 4 episodes of season 2 Arrested Development. Love that show. Then at about 12:30 I headed to my ladies work “Spitfire Grill”.

Spitfire Grill is located directly across from the Santa Monica Airport, dog park, and soccer fields, on Airport way. The people that go in there are mostly male and the service is about 98% female. Nice work John! Can’t be mad at that situation. If you are looking for a place that is not a chain restaurant and has quality beers on tap (ShockTop, DropTop, Saporro, Pyramid Hef, Harp, and Firestone), then this is most likely the place for you. If you are just flying in for a quick bit, then this is definitely the place for you. The floor is scattered with regulars, and the waitresses are all about 5’6″ and 120 lbs. hehe. Just like my fine little lady. Once again, thanks John. I had the California Burger, which has swiss cheese and avocado. Super delicious. I went there to watch the Heat vs. Celtics game 1 of the 2011 playoff’s. I actually have been there one time before, for my 30th birthday. Thats actually how my Gfriend got the job. The service was just what I wanted for an NBA playoff game. Kelly waited on me. She got me my food quickly, left me alone during key parts of the game even though the Celtics got man handle by D-Wade, and others. And when I needed another drink she was right on top of it. I would say that on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give the place an 8.

The girl got done with work at about 3 after the game was over and we headed down to the Venice Beach boardwalk. I may be biased on this one, but I must admit I love this place. We stopped at “The Water Front Cafe” For the first time we tried the tasted the Erdinger Weizenbier. I must say that this beverage left me walking around the Venice boardwalk feeling nothing but right. Basically what I’m saying is that there is nothing wrong with it.

Every Sunday that bong beats come out. In the middle of the sand on Venice Beach there are anywhere from 10 to 30 drummers. Gathered with their snare, bong, cowbell, or anything that they can create a beat on. Don’t quote me on this but, If I had to guess I’d say that a good portion of the drummer/audience has some type of stimulate running through there body. I’m not mad at that. In fact I couldn’t help but let my body move with the beat as well.

All and all, it was a gorgeous day in sunny California. I think that the summer has begun ladies and gentleman. YEAH!!!!!

I would love your thought’s on these places if you have been or choose to go….

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