Things to do in Vegas when you Do not have $Money$

Many people visiting Las Vegas for a few days happen to be on a budget. If that happens to be you, there are an enormous amount of free attractions to enjoy. Just walking from resort to resort to check out the scenery and free attractions can be an all-day (and fun) experience. Every hotel has something to offer people passing by. Here are some of the best free attractions I’ve experienced in Sin City:

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Hands down the best free attraction is the fountains at the Bellagio. Located in the heart of the strip, the fountains are impossible to miss. The lake in which the fountains are located cost 40 million dollars to build and consume 8.5 acres.  From 3PM-Midnight every day (Noon to Midnight on weekends) there is a show every 15 minutes. The fountains reach up to 460 from a total of 1200 water emitting devices. What makes the shows impressive is how the fountains are choreographed with beautiful music. With short breaks between shows, it’s easy to spend a few hours enjoying the fountains.

                Just down the street is the volcano at the Mirage. Designed by the same team that created the fountains at the Bellagio, this attraction starts every hour on the hour from dusk until 11PM. With a hypnotic music score, bright lights, and huge flames, the volcano is a must see.

In between the fountains at the Bellagio and the Volcano at the Mirage is the Fall of Atlantis located at the Forum shops at Caesars Palace. Starting every hour on the hour from 10AM-11PM, it is a very impressive display of lights and sounds that depicts the fall of Atlantis. There is also a 50,000 gallon salt water aquarium by the show.

Across from Caesars Palace is the wildlife habitat at the Flamingo. Home to more than 300 birds, a large coy pond, and some exotic pheasants and quail, it’s a great place to enjoy nature among the craziness of Vegas. Some of the pheasants roam free, sometimes getting close to tourists.

The new Aria resort at City Center has some amazing water features. It is open 24/7.

Can you think of anything that I am missing?


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