something new, something sacred.

the girls have moved on and left their mini ponies to graze alone. it’s now off to a hostel in queenstown where they will be bunking with 6 other travelers. already they’ve met some incredible people. one being the man behind this marvelous video: pop&me.

photo 2

peatree and dexi will be taking something from new zealand a little more permanent. yes memories.. but also tattoos.



ta moko - traditional māori tattooing is ataonga (treasure) to māori for which the purpose and applications are sacred.

every moko contains ancestral / tribal messages specific to the wearer. desiree’s has over ten different symbols in it representing something special to her.  mostly having to do with family and safe travels. whereas peatrees moko is worn for strength.

photo 1


maori moko in queens town new zealand. women of wanderlust get tattoos



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