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mithra dexi jessi

what’s more fun than doing a pub crawl?  doing a pub crawl in a foreign country.

photo 3 every saturday sign up sheets get taken around to most of the hostels around the city where fellow travelers sign their life away. for $10 each they were able to go to four different bars and receive a free drink at each of them. amazing deal considering you can’t get even ONE drink for less than $10 anywhere. the crawl started out at the camel bar and at some point got them to cassette9,  a preferred palace of perennial partying. a definite recommendation to anyone traveling to auckland.



dexi mithra claire jessi


lauren & dexi

they met claire from england who is also traveling, except she has condensed her world exploration into five months. almost everyone they met had been traveling from five to fifteen months.  they were able to obtain some great advice from the ones that had just come from somewhere on their future itinerary. and also make plans to meet up with a few that are headed their way next. turns out the majority of the people in auckland are just visiting just as they are.

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  1. Kiley

    So happy for you!!! Live it up!

    “Soar, eat ether, see what has never been seen, depart, be lost, but climb.”

    Best wishes!

  2. Shannon

    Haha I love that it’s beer or vodka.


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