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desiree typed up this email to me as quick as she could to update us all. i wanted to share with you directly instead of rewriting. as i read this i could hear the glory in her voice. they are where they belong and having the time of their lives. meeting incredible people and seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world. as soon as more photos stream in i will do another post so we can all pretend we’re right there with them. 

“Sooo we just got back from Frasier island. We stayed one night at Dingos on Rainbow Beach. Got up early in the morning and got assigned with 2 other couples from England… Kirsty, Steve, ALan and Kailey. They are ages 23-27 which is awesome because most people are super young here. We got assigned a 4 wheel drive car and had a group of 4 cars that drove to a beach and drove right up on a ferry that took us to the island. We drove along the 75 mile beach and a lot of it was intense 4 wheel driving.. super fun! Our first stop was Lake Mckenzie. It was the freshest water ever! It made all our skin soft and our hair smell really good =) and it was soooo blue and the sand was sooo white and soft. We got to hang out there for an hour or so and then we drove to the campsite. they have an outdoor kitchen area and fire pit. They have all your tents set up for you. Compared to the gagju bush camp we were at in Noosa it was a 5 star campsite. All of our guides are super awesome too. Our guides name is Brett-o.. he has been doing the frasier island tour for 18 years. He was hilarious! 1902993_10152280278861942_1684639782_n 1908238_10152210347090673_2092800978_nThey provide all our food we just have to cook it.. it was fun to cook all together and eat almost like a big family. There are over 180 backpackers at the campground every night. They have an outdooor dance floor and eveyone can play their own music. The 2nd day we got up early and drove to see the ship wreck that crashed there when the japanese bought it and were towing it back to japan when a hurricane cut the tow rope and the ship crashed on the shore. Then we went to the champagne pools.. natural salt water pools.. it was beautiful! Then we hiked up to Indian Head and got the best view of the island. Came back and had dinner.. played card games and drank Goon (backpacker drink that is like boxed wine but stronger and cheaper) The last day we hiked 40 minutes to a sand dune with a lake in the middle of it and then got back on the ferry and came back to rainbow beach. We are here for a few hours and then we get on a bus to Arlie Beach..”



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