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the women of wanderlust have left auckland and are now residing in christchurch for the rest of the week.

photo 1

dexi brit jessi

photo 2

lauren mithra

auckland treated them well and their last hostess treated them even better. in fact, she was their favorite part about auckland. brit was so incredibly generous to let the four of them stay with her. jessi has been friends with her since middle school. brit, who is a hair stylist, was also nice enough to brighten up desirees little mermaid hair for her! she is also responsible for showing them one tree hill & mission bay beach. two of the most beautiful spots on the north side of the island. thanks brit for your hospitality and making auckland more beautiful.  


      these ladies found a wonderful little airBnB. for anyone that is unaware of what airbnb is – its a company based out of sanfransisco california that was founded in 2008.  if you’re not looking to spend over $100 a night on a cliche hotel than this is the site for you. it’s an easy way to rent a unique place in over 192 different countries for any amount of time at any price point. the place they found is a two bedroom guest home on a beautiful piece of land. a woman and her daughter reside in the main house. the first day the girls were there basking in the sun enjoying a little picnic on the lawn photo 1

the owners brought out their mini horses to play. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


they made the wise decision to rent a car for the remainder of their stay here. this way they’re able to see much more of the area without relying on public transport or people they meet. christchurch is the largest city in the south island of new zealand and the locals have proven to be much more friendlier here. that being said, i’m sure we’ll get some fun stories to share soon. peace for now. 

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