so long australia – hello bali

it’s goodbye australia and hello to indonesia. the women of wanderlust thoroughly enjoyed the previous four weeks they spent experiencing some of their wildest escapades. i wish i had a little more to close out australia with but the girls have been caught up in traveling to the next place and some mishaps you will see about below.

“you couldn’t call that australia – but then one man can’t bite off a continent in a mouthful, you must start to nibble somewhere.” d.h lawrence – kangaroo.


bali is an island and the smallest province of indonesia. the girls have began their experience here with a bang. they were smart enough to put all four of their bags into ONE single large bag [see above] because the baggage fees are outrageous. however, the airlines we’re not smart enough to keep track of this one large piece of luggage containing everything these four girls own. so the next couple of days they’ll live in the clothes on their backs and pray for a safe arrival of their bag(s). upon arriving at the ngurah rai international airport they were directed towards a “taxi” cab that would take them to their air bnb they reserved. unfortunately the driver did not know the address they gave him so after driving around for a bit they decided to have him leave them at a random hotel in hopes this place could get them to their destination for the evening. mind you it’s the middle of the night at this point. talk about being watched over – this random hotel just happened to be the same one they had made a reservation with and their villa was just a couple blocks down. what a relief that was, until the guy at the front desk tells them they will have to get to their villa one at a time on the back of some guys motorbike. say what…?   mithra draws the short stick and goes first while the three girls wait for an empty motorbike to return for the next.  thank goodness for that tracker desiree is forced by me, to have on her at all times. in the image on the left, you can see they have landed in bali, indonesia. Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 5.20.03 PM and in this image you can see them (her) transporting to their first destination.Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.20.33 AM


i was able to video chat with desiree yesterday and she gave me a tour of their home for the next couple of days. it’s the most incredibly serene place. and at $10 a night each, you can’t really beat that. asia’s money exchange rate is outrageous. $1.00 USD = $11,389.80 indonesia dollar. this $2,000 bill is just .20cents in indonesia. so there’s no change like we have here in the states. no pennies, no nickels and dimes. just paper. which is something we are quite sure the US will take part in eventually.


here are a few images from their beautiful place in bali that i would gladly reside in for the rest of my time.

photo 5

a view from inside of the bed

photo 4

a view from outside of the bed

photo 2

their personal outside lounge

photo 3

front door

photo 1

a door outside of their lounge area – leading to the outside world.












i will get back here as soon as they receive their baggage or something else exciting happens.

but before i go i must inform you all of a few indonesian laws the women of wanderlust need to be aware of as well.

number one – masturbation = decapitation.

number two – flush the toilet, or serve the time.


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