great barrier reef


via jessi rae:: Just had the most exhilarating day in my Australian experience! Right now there’s a cyclone hitting the coast but we were already scheduled for a sailing trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Although the boat almost didn’t go out at all, we were excited since we found out that we were already booked for scuba diving when we thought we were just getting to snorkel. What started out as a terrifying feeling trying to breathe under water turned into an amazing experience of exploring reef and sea life deep below where I’ve ever been before, thanks to some incredible lead divers refusing to let me give up. After relaxing for a bit at the Green Island we started the long sail back and this is where things took a turn. The sky was storming and the massive waves were knocking our sailboat in every direction. So where are we during all this…riding the front of the boat like a bunch of mad people holding on for dear life as the waves crash upon us!! It was an incredible experience unlike most. Where most people’s version of sailing the reef is calm and relaxing, we made the best of this dramatic weather and I wouldn’t change it if I could!

(no photos due to the possible capsizing of the boat!)

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