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KUALA LUMPUR, malaysia

from desiree:  ”"To get to Malaysia we had to take a taxi to a bus station and then a bus to the train station and then sit on an 8 hr train! We found a really good Mexican restaurant in Kuala Lumper.. Another exciting food find for us! We ate there twice in the short time we were here. We went to a huge birdpark and got to hang out and hold birds all day. birdpark IMG_4421 IMG_4427 IMG_4436 IMG_4443 IMG_4447 IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4450 bird1 Then to an aquarium were we saw lots of fish that we had actually seen in the ocean when we got our dive certification.







We went up to the observation deck of the KL tower ( it looks just like the space needle.. But taller) we got to see the whole city from up above.. It was really pretty.magicTower3 magicTower 1




It was coool to spend some time in big citys after being on remote islands in Indonesia.. But we are all super anxious to get back into the remote areas of Thailand after a week In this city!”"

just one of the beautiful places in malaysia where the girls ..pool4 pool3 pool2 pool

 and now it’s off to the long anticipated journey in THAILAND !

a post by jessi rae

taken from her facebook page:

Today is very bittersweet. I am excited to be going to Australia today but so incredibly sad to be leaving New Zealand. We’ve spent 3 weeks in Queenstown and I’ve completely fallen in love with this place and all the people here. The scenery is breath taking, with dramatic mountains and lake water so blue it seems tropical. At times I look around and it seems like a make believe place. Nomads hostel has become our home away from home and the people here are like family now. We’re known all around town as the Cali girls and everywhere we go we run into people that we know. We even made it into the local newspaper. The Find quickly became our favorite dive bar where there’s always free or cheap drinks for us along with good music and even better people. Everyone here is friendly and good to each other, nobody steals or gets in fights and crime is nonexistent. In fact I haven’t seen a single cop in the whole 3 weeks. The locals will tell you it’s the doormen at the bars who police the town. And the doormen will tell you how boring their job is, they sometimes have to kick people out but even the drunkards will settle things with an argument rather than a fist fight. Along with the beautiful landscape and wonderful people, Queenstown is also filled with adrenalin pumping fun, awe inspiring hikes and a beach at the lake that’s always active and partying. It’s been an incredible adventure so far! Oh and a huge THANK YOU to the amazing girl who found my camera on the street (after I lost it on our last big night out of course) and recognized us from the pictures, then came to our hostel and found us to give it back  I absolutely love Queenstown!!


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aka mithra. yes, peatree is the little pterodactyl from the land before time movies. and also a nickname i gave this woman when desiree would tell me about her – because i could never pronounce her name. they met at work a couple years back and formed a bond that is rare. peatree is one of the most genuine people i have ever met.IMG_1662




so peatree gets two birthdays this year. yesterday was  a celebration in new zealand – january 24th and TODAY is a celebration in the states!  they’re 21 hours ahead over there so right now for them it’s already tomorrow. so happy birthday sweet peatree!


maybe you’re wondering who’s behind the blog that is keeping you updated on your friend or family member? and maybe you’re curious how they got this website? or MAYBE you don’t care at all and i’m being presumptuous.  either way – i’m here to fill you in, just as i am here to keep you aware of what the women of wanderlust are up to this year.

i’m desirees sister brandi. she’s the traveler with the bright red ariel hair. my husband, darin built this website a couple of years ago when we had plans to travel.  as you can see we didn’t get too far with that. i thought it would be awesome to use desiree’s 12 month backpacking voyage as an excuse to get this thing up and running. now if we’re being completely  honest, i was also using it as an excuse to guarantee that i would be hearing from her at the very least once a week. and so i offered up my services to her and her friends. “send me your photos! send me anything you want the world to see” this way i can keep track of you little women.. heh heh. am i sounding like an over protective big sister yet? cause i am. i am terrified that my sweet desiree is out in the world doing who knows what and meeting who knows WHO. but at the same time i am exhilarated for her to experience life outside of the united states. oh to be free. no job, no bills, no relationships, no nothing. just the earth under your feet and the air in your lungs.. and of course the backpack on your back. but that’s it !

we’ll be posting places we go as well (that is, if we get any opportunities). but mostly we’ll be following the “women of wanderlust” around the world for now. and hopefully meeting up with them at some point this year.

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