a journey to k road

photo 1

dexirae with her amazing burn

with a population of only four million people it’s also gloriously uncrowded.

the women of wanderlust have jumped in to this country head first and are discovering the sun is a lot more powerful than it is in los angeles. just from walking around town they all had blazing sunburns on their backs.. new zealand is a victim to ozone depletion giving rise to significantly increased levels of UV near the surface. unfortunately for the girls they were shared this piece of information only after they turned themselves in to a walking tomatoes. hence the extreme sunburns.

photo 2

bread and dips



@ malt

they had their first dinner out at MALT and are also discovering how expensive it can be to go out in an overly tourist centered town. they had bread & dip with a side of prawns, AKA large high class shrimp.  they’ve turned to buying groceries and cooking in.  it’ll be all about the pb&j with cheap bottles of wine for awhile.

homemade lunches





there was a music festival happening this past week – BIG DAY OUT in western park. tickets were PRICEY so the girls sat in the park with some drinks of their own and enjoyed the tunes. i’ll have you

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 4.59.30 PMknow, the authorities in auckland are quite lenient {to say the least}. let’s just say the girls received four different warnings from four different officers about drinking in public. and that is all i will say about that.  they did get to hear guys like pearl jam, arcade fire and the lumineers so it was well worth the risk. whatta surprise that was.

yesterday was a day spent on karangahape road  commonly known as K road - a place covered in immaculate art.  also once known as one of aucklands premier shopping streets has turned into a run-down red light district - from the 1960s onwards. now considered to be one of the cultural centers of auckland known for it’s cafes and boutiques. they found some very interesting thrift stores and 100% vegan shops.

photo 1photo 3they went there looking for queens arcade mall with the impression they’d be playing arcade games for the day, only to find out it is one of aucklands last standing victorian shopping malls. hmm.photo 5photo 4photo 2it was now off to the beach to soak up more sun rays, since their burns were finally mellowing out. mission bay was a beautiful place to finish off this day.. where the waters are warm and the salty seas are much less saltier.

the women of wanderlust on mission bay in auckland new zealand.

dexi jessi mithra lauren

photo 2


photo 2

mithra lauren dexirae

photo 3

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