Hello Wooorld!,

Let me keep it real with you. I have been a few places throughout this beautiful world (Europe: Ireland, Estonia, Sweden) I have been and spent time in most major cities and seen most attractions throughout the United States. Full disclosure; my goal for this site is a little selfish but, I like to think that it will help out travelers weather they are like me or not.

I like seeing all the tourist stuff when I travel but usually I’m over that after the first day. I am hoping that fellow travelers like you who are reading this right now will help me find out what gives a city it’s character,culture and personality. I understand that many of the tourist attractions will do just that, but I’m looking for more. I want to know what the best micro-brewery is, were I can get the best burger, or slice of pizza. Also, where is the best park, or spot to take a nap under a tree. Where can guys find ladies they have a chance with, and where can girls find guys that aren’t idiots. I’m calling on you world to help me discover what you already know. If you run the best B&B I want to know about it, and I’m happy to post about it. Does the bar you go to have the best … what? Is it the best place to watch the game? I’d like to know that. What are the 7 wonders of your city? How about the best place to buy clothes that are relevant to your part of the country? The best place to get into an adult fight?  I’m looking for hidden gems here people, and I need some assistants…

Also, if you are the owner of one of these hidden gems I would love to talk about what you do and why it’s great on my website. I am located in the west coast but am willing to go anywhere to find something great!

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