So because I have seen too many overseas kidnapping movies – we invested in a gps tracking device for desiree. As long as she has it turned on, it will track in real time every 20 minutes or so. here’s what we have so far just from last night – getting to the airport.photo-2



the only place it doesn’t pick up a signal is over the ocean so it should catch a signal once they land in new Zealand tomorrow. Speaking of – you probably want to see the itinerary for the next 12 months :itinerary



as soon as they turn the tracker back on in new zealand we’ll start receiving more information to post. and hopefully new photos!  until then hold tight

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  1. Deby Napier

    I am sooooo glad to hear that! Living vicariously through Desi!!

  2. Tonya

    I am sooo happy you did that for her! A little tension in my shoulders that I didn’t know I had went away. I hope she stays safe and has a BLAST!!! Love you and her :-)


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